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This piece reflects the theory of art as a language. Using inspiration from my ethnicity and religion, my art conveys the aesthetic pleasures of Ancient Egypt and Islam. I’ve taken illustrations and texts from ancient Egyptian paintings and Persian miniatures and combined the two to create a unique yet familiar style. I've taken specific lines from Rumi poetry that relate to my choice of images in order to create a deeper impact on the audience. My choice of mediums consist of acrylic paints, fabric dyes, water colors, found images, and exotic fabric designs; generating a feeling of age and history; the found images are collaged in layers creating depth and detail within the piece. The title “Sanctuary” emerged from the shape that these four pieces have formed together, from the idea of the sacred prayer stone in Mecca, The Kabaa, and the Great Pyramids, one of the most monumental sites in Egypt.

On this side of the piece, the Rumi quote reads ...

"Which is worth more, a crowd of thousands, or your own genuine solitude?
Freedom or Power over an entire nation?"

"A little while alone in your room will prove more valuable than anything else that would ever be given to you"

"Sanctuary" side 1
"Sanctuary" side 1
Acrylic, Dyes, Fabric, Prints
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