Sally Rahman Art

About the Artist

Driven by her passion for art and taking inspiration from her Egyptian background; FIT graduate Sally Rahman displays a variety of genres in her artwork that emphasizes many aspects of 'heritage'. Inspired by her ethnic and religious upbringing , Sally's art conveys the aesthetic pleasures of life. She creates a diverse series of work that have a classical essence with a modernized style to it.

Sally brings her images to life with her florescent and vivid color palettes using mediums such as acrylic,water color and color dyes. Her combination of warm and cool color palettes creates a pleasurable image for her audience to gaze into. When creating her artwork; this young Egyptian-American tends to lean towards subjects of nature, beauty, femininity and more importantly 'culture'.

Being born a first generation Egyptian-American in her family; the word culture had a deeper significance in her home. The word 'culture' in her home meant something worth more valuable than the purist diamond ever found. In her family, culture means 'identity'. Not to be thought as in a stereotypical way, but rather identifying your roots, your uniqueness, your history, your values and identifying your individuality.

In her final year of her bachelors program at FIT, Sally's senior thesis project concentrated on the theory of art as a language. Her 3 dimensional, 4 sided painting titled “Sanctuary” displayed images of ancient Egyptian and Islamic art and lines from her favorite poet Rumi, that helped give her final student masterpiece a monumental and spiritual vibe to those who approach it. Her piece related to different cultural and political issues; specifically issues that were going on in the middle east at the time.

This young woman's talent and vision has earned her exposure and recognition in New York arts and culture events. On June 18,2012 she was featured as a premium entrant artist where her painting "Woman of Color" was exhibited during the Art Takes Time Square billboard premiere event. Later that year, Sally was honored by the Nation to Nation Networking Ltd. Board of Directors, with the 2012 Rising Star Award on October 3rd at The N.N.N Ltd. "Fifth Annual International Diaspora and the Global Community Award Reception"

Ms. Rahman continues to spread her passion and knowledge for the arts by working closely with her community and bringing the arts to members in shelters and those who suffer with mental illness and life threatening diseases. Her aspiration is to become a Clinical Art Therapist.

The artist states - “I truly believe the soul can be healed simply through art. It is important to help maintain the arts and have it remain strongly significant in our culture and education. John F Kennedy once said, “If art is to nourish the roots of our culture, society must set the artist free to follow his vision wherever it takes him”. I believe that with art, we can set free the minds of those who are suffering and continue to nourish our community by giving back to it.”